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Jade Street

The Chinese character for jade is a combination of the words for beauty and purity, but there’s far more behind the Chinese obsession with this stone than looks. Jade has been long associated with long life and good health in Chinese culture, making it a prized material for good-luck charms. Few Hong Kong newborns will be left to start life without a jade bracelet from grandma, and people of all ages receive new amulets each year based on their zodiac signs and computations of the ancient Chinese almanac.

In Yau Ma Tei, you may easily find jade market at the Kansu Street and a three-tonne jade stone marks the strip of Canton Road known as Jade Street.

Canton Road between Kansu Street and Jordan Road in Yau Ma Tei
Way to go:
Take Bus No. 12 and get off at Saigon Street Playground. Turn left to the direction of Canton Road, and walk for about 2 minutes.